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Blasting Soda in New York

AGSCO is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial minerals, blasting equipment and related materials and services. AGSCO carries a complete line of all types and sizes of sand blasting media

New York Blasting Soda

blasting sodaWith soda blast media, you can effectively clean tools, strip paint and more! Soda blasting techniques provide the same results as sand blasting for many jobs, but with the added bonuses of easy clean-up and being environmentally friendly.  The medium-sized soda blasting crystals provide sufficient blasting power to smooth and strip paint without damaging other surfaces.

The benefits of blasting soda include:

  • Washes off with water for simple clean-up
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals or dust, so it's non-toxic
  • Strips paint without damaging other surfaces
  • Works with aluminum, steel, stainless steel, fiberglass and more

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Additional Information on Blasting Soda

 Popular Mechanics describes the advantages of soda blasting well:

"The advantage of using baking soda, as opposed to sand, crushed walnut shells, coal slag, or any other abrasive, is that it's environmentally safe, less aggressive, relatively affordable, and easily rinsed away with water. In fact, the first large-scale industrial use of soda blasting occurred during the 1986 centennial restoration of the Statue of Liberty. It was the only safe and effective way to remove coal tar, paint, and corrosion from the statue's soft copper skin."

"Soda blasters can be used to remove paint, grease, indelible stains, and caked-on dirt from virtually any surface, including steel, aluminum, wood, sheet metal, brick, concrete, granite, chrome, glass, and even fiberglass."

Read more:  Blast Away Grime With Baking Soda - Popular Mechanics  (Popular Mechanics - August 5, 2013)

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AGSCO is an ISO 9001 registered firm


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