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Pool Aggregate

AGSCO is a leading manufacturer and distributor of industrial minerals, blasting equipment and related materials and services.  AGSCO carries a complete line of all types and sizes of sand blasting media, including, but not limited to, sand blasting sand, industrial minerals, and other blasting media. 

AGSCO has two convenient locations in the Chicago and New York metropolitan areas.

Pool aggregates, flooring aggregates and sand blasting media are our specialties. 


Products & Services

Industrial Minerals
and Abrasives
Floor Aggregates
Pool Aggregates
Pool Plasters 
and Aggregates
Pool Aggregates
Mass Finishing Equipment
Blasting Pots
and Accessories
Mass Finishing Equipment
Mass Finishing
Aqueous Parts Washers
Aqueous Parts
Custom Servicest

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AGSCO can custom screen and classify granular materials to meet your specifications.  We can remove the oversize, coarse particles or we can remove the fine particles from a product.  We can match a particle size distribution.

AGSCO can custom blend granular materials, dry powders, resins and pigments to meet your needs. 

AGSCO can custom coat various minerals with materials to meet your specifications.  These coatings can increase the performance of abrasive grains or fillers in residn systems.  The coatings can color a product.

AGSCO can private label products for you.  WE can also package into small containers such as jars or large containers, such as bulk bags.

AGSCO is an ISO 9001 registered firm


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