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Product Line

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Blasting Media - Complete line of all types & sizes
Filter Media - All Types
Lapping & Polishing - Powders & Compounds
Fillers - Coarse grains to fine particles

Alumina Diamond Componds & Slurries Pumice
Alumina Zirconia Diamond Powder Quartz
Aluminum Oxide Brown Dry Ice Roofing Granules
Aluminum Oxide White Emery Silica, Classified
Anthracite Feldspar Silica Flour
Armex® Sodablast Filter Sands Silica Sands
Basalt Fluidized Bed Media Silicon Carbide
Barefoot Foamed Glass Spheres Sinterblast
Bauxite Beads Garnet Spexlite
Bauxite Grit
Glass Beads Starblast®
Blastox Glass Beads/Aluminum Oxide Mix Steel Grit
Boron Carbide Gravel Steel Shot
Cab-O-Sil Fumed Silica  Hollow Glass Spheres Stainless Steel Shot
Calcium Carbonate Magnetic FerroSilicon Steel & SS Cut Wire
Ceramic Beads Metallic Color Pigments Testing Sands
Coal Slag Military Specification Materials Vinyl Chips
Corn Cob Nepheline Syenite Walnut Shells
Novaculite Wet Blast Abrasives & Compounds
Colored Quartz Optical Polishing Compounds Zircon Sand
Colored Rubber Granules Olivine Zirconium Silica
Crushed & Colored Glass Plastic Grit  


Ceramaquartz  Trowel Blends  Round & Angular Sands
Pool Plaster Blends  Self-Leveling Blends  Broadcast Sands
Custom Aggregate Blends  Anti-Slip Aggregates   Vinyl Chips
Easy Cove(TM) Colored Rubber Granules
Colored Glass

BLASTING EQUIPMENT (Manual or Automated)

Blast Rooms
Wheel Blast
Micro Blast
Wet Blast
Spare Parts & Safety Equipment
(hoses, nozzles, helmets, filters, metering valves - AND MORE!)


Vibratory Bowls & Tubs
Media (ceramic & plastic)
Spray Washing Equipment
Centrifugal Barrels & Discs
Compounds & Water Treatment


AGSCO can custom screen and classify granular materials to meet your specifications. We can remove the oversize, coarse particles or we can remove the fine particles from a product. We can match a particle size distribution.

AGSCO can custom blend granular materials, dry powders, resins & pigments to meet your needs.

AGSCO can custom coat various minerals with materials to meet your specifications. These coatings can increase the performance of abrasive grains or fillers in resin systems. The coatings can color a product.

AGSCO can private label products for you. We can package materials into paper bags, bulk bags and smaller containers such as 1Lb/5Lb jars and/or larger size pails.

See our full Custom Services List (pdf 158 KB)






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