Industrial Abrasives Distributor

AGSCO Corporation history begins in 1888 when the American Graded Sand Company was started by the Wenske family. Herbert Wenske's grandfather was one of the founders of the Wedron Silica Sand Company in Wedron, Illinois. Herbert Wenske's father started the American Graded Sand Company in Chicago, Illinois to custom grade silica sand for the terra cotta plastering market that was developing in Chicago. The sand was hauled the 100 miles from Wedron, Illinois to Chicago, Illinois by mule drawn wagons.

In the second decade of the 20th century, Herbert Wenske joined his father in the American Graded Sand Company. Herb forged important relationships with a broader range of markets that included the abrasive grain producers. He was very close to the founders of the Norton Company, Milton Higgins and John Jepson. He was also very close to the Minnesota Mining and Manufacturing Company.

During World War II, AGSCO started a second plant in Paterson, New Jersey to provide classified silica sand to the east coast markets.

In 1965, AGSCO moved to a new building in Des Plaines, Illinois from its Chicago, Illinois plant on Ashland Avenue.

In 1977, AGSCO established a plant in South Dakota to screen crushed quartz abrasive grain for the coated abrasive market and other industrial markets.

On 28 August 1980, Edward M. Pinsof and Harvey R. Plonsker purchased the American Graded Sand Company from Herbert Wenske and formally renamed the company AGSCO Corporation.

In 1983, AGSCO moved from Des Plaines, Illinois to Wheeling, Illinois.

In 1986, AGSCO sold its interest in the South Dakota plant.

In 1992, AGSCO moved from Paterson, New Jersey to a larger, more modern facility in Hasbrouck Heights, New Jersey. This new plant is similar in capacity and capabilities to the AGSCO plant in Wheeling, Illinois.

In 1997, AGSCO moved to a larger office and plant in Wheeling, Illinois.

In 2013 the New Jersey operation moved to a facility in Pine Brook, New Jersey.

In 2021, the Illinois operation moved to a much larger facility in Libertyville, Illinois.