sintered bauxite bead abrasives

Abrasive Bauxite Beads

sintered bauxite bead abrasives

Bauxite beads are manufactured to yield spherical sintered bauxite engineered to give extreme durability under all conditions. They are ultra-fine crystalline, high impact resistant spheres. Bauxite beads contain various constituents in solid solution to build in body strength for impact and high wear resistance. The constituents are formed in solid solution with the bauxite to form individual crystals; there are no free elements such as silica or iron to create pollution or contamination problems.

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Mesh Grit#8/16 Mesh - #60/120 Mesh
Grain ShapeRounded
Mohs Hardness9
Typical ApplicationsSurface Hardener, Abrasive Blasting
Metal RemovalMedium
Standard Packaging50 lb. bags