Clear Cur Plastic Blast Media

Clear Cut Plastic Grit Media

Clear Cur Plastic Blast Media

Clear-Cut plastic grit is a recycled material that can be ground to various sizes and used in flooring applications to provide slip resistance when applied as a broadcast topping or in a coating. With a variety of particle ranges to choose from, the degree of anti-slip resistance can be individually tailored to the specific flooring environment. An additional advantage over traditional anti-slip materials is that Clear-Cut has a low Mohs hardness and therefore is less objectionable on surfaces that have barefoot traffic. Clear Cut is a lightweight material and will float to the surface of the coating, providing the maximum in anti-slip performance. Additionally, it will provide high chemical resistance and is easy to keep clean.

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Mesh Grit#10/16 Mesh - #100&Finer Mesh
Grain ShapeSub-Rounded to Angular
Mohs Hardness3
Typical ApplicationsAbrasive Blasting, Anti-Slip Aggregate
Metal Removal
Standard Packaging250 lb. Drums

Custom Mineral Blending Services

ASGCO offers custom mineral & aggregate blending services. We will custom batch/blend virtually any loose dry grain aggregate or powder to meet your specific requirements. We can also add catalysts and/or other wet additives during the blending process.

Why do Customers Choose AGSCO’s Blending and Packaging Services?

  • No Space, Equipment, or Personnel to do it in house.
  • Expand your product line without expanding your footprint.
  • Difficult to make or messy products are our specialty.
  • Consistency because of large batch size capability and quality controls (ISO 9001).
  • No need for mixing on a job site. Did I miss an ingredient?
  • NJ and IL Locations are convenient to most markets in the US and Canada.
  • You design the product requirements, we will get it done.
  • Wide variety of packaging options; paper or plastic bags, pouches, pails, boxes, drums, super sacks, bulk pneumatic.

View our Custom Services Brochure or Contact us for more information on customizing your mineral blending services to your specific needs.