Clear Cur Plastic Blast Media

Clear Cut Plastic Grit Media

Clear Cur Plastic Blast Media

Clear-Cut plastic grit is a recycled material that can be ground to various sizes and used in flooring applications to provide slip resistance when applied as a broadcast topping or in a coating. With a variety of particle ranges to choose from, the degree of anti-slip resistance can be individually tailored to the specific flooring environment. An additional advantage over traditional anti-slip materials is that Clear-Cut has a low Mohs hardness and therefore is less objectionable on surfaces that have barefoot traffic. Clear Cut is a lightweight material and will float to the surface of the coating, providing the maximum in anti-slip performance. Additionally, it will provide high chemical resistance and is easy to keep clean.

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Mesh Grit#10/16 Mesh - #100&Finer Mesh
Grain ShapeSub-Rounded to Angular
Mohs Hardness3
Typical ApplicationsAbrasive Blasting, Anti-Slip Aggregate
Metal Removal
Standard Packaging250 lb. Drums