Silica Flour Supplier

Silica Flour

Silica Flour Supplier

AGSCO silica flours are produced by grinding rounded Midwest sands to a finer particle size.  These flours can be utilized in grouting compounds, the fines content of concrete, and refractory mixes, to name a few.  Each product is valued for its particular size distribution, and AGSCO stocks sizes as small as 1.6 micron mean.

AGSCO has traditional silica flours in mesh sizes from 70 to 325 mesh. In addition there are ultra-fine, micron-sized polishing silica from 1.5 to 5.0 µ.


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Mesh Grit250µ - 5µ
Grain ShapeFine Powder
Mohs Hardness7
Knoop Hardness820
Typical ApplicationsFiller for resin systems, Polishing
Metal RemovalN/A
Standard Packaging50 lb. Bags