Spex Ultra Light Bead Blasting Media

Spex·Lite® Beads

Spex Ultra Light Bead Blasting Media

Spex•Lite® Ultra-Light Filler Beads are engineered to be free-flowing, easy dispersing and low in resin absorption. They are produced from non-toxic polymers and are formed as distinct, closed cell, foamed pellets having extremely low bulk densities--nominal Specific Gravity 0.02.

Spex•Lite® Ultra-Light Filler Beads provide unsurpassed weight reduction, allowing much lower final product weights than with conventional materials, as well as: increased filler volumes, reduced dust, minimal abrasion, potential insulation properties, reduced cracking and shrinkage, enhanced buoyancy and possible cost reductions.

Applications include a wide range of uses: high build/ lightweight coatings, texture paints, insulative roof coatings, adhesives, sealants, spackling materials, joint fillers, backing pastes and insulating putties, lightweight aggregates and cement mixtures, transportation components and offshore flotation products.

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Mesh Grit0.4-1.3mm - 2-5mm
Grain ShapeRounded
Mohs HardnessN/A
Typical ApplicationsResin extender
Metal RemovalN/A
Standard PackagingVarious