Starblast Blasting Abrasives

Starblast® Blasting Abrasive

Starblast Blasting Abrasives

Starblast™ blasting abrasives are a loose blend of uniformly sized coarse and fine staurolite sands that have clean, rounded surfaces. There are three grades: Starblast™, Starblast™ XL, and Starblast™ Ultra. Starblast™ is a general-purpose staurolite abrasive used in steel fabrication and bridge maintenance to remove rust, mill scale, and weathered coatings. Starblast™ XL features less than 1% free crystalline silica while Starblast™ Ultra is designed for applications that require a more aggressive abrasive, such as steel maintenance, heavy rust, and paint removal.

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Mesh Grit#30/60 Mesh - #70/140 Mesh
Grain ShapeSub-Rounded
Mohs Hardness6.5
Typical ApplicationsAbrasive Blasting
Metal RemovalMedium
Standard Packaging50 lb. Bags, Super Sacks